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3D printing will revolutionize your entire manufacturing process – not just your prototypes.

Faster production. More durable parts. Reduced costs.

Complex supply chain? Demand better.

With Stratasys 3D printers, you can manufacture your own precision parts and tools in-house, on-demand.

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Fueling a better bottom line.

In complex industries like yours, a lot is riding on parts passing rigorous testing. Testing equipment quickly and precisely is essential. With up to 90% time savings and 50% cost savings compared to CNC-machines parts, 3D printed parts give you the edge to stay competitive.

Certified flight-ready.

Our ULTEM™ 9085 material was selected as the first polymer additive material to be validated for Aerospace. It went through over rigorous testing so we can create parts that are certified flight-ready – as well as being lighter, more ergonomic and easier to transport.

Learn more about qualifying the first material for aerospace

3D Printing improving production.

UTC’s 63% saving on a replacement machine part was just the beginning. A long-time supplier of Boeing and Airbus, the business uses Stratasys 3D printers to substantially reduce the lead time to build tooling and fixtures.


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