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Thousands of hours of tests. Over twenty years of customer-led innovation. We work with leaders in aerospace, like you, revolutionizing the manufacturing process, one 3D printed component after another.

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Better manufacturing starts with better tools. 3D printing lets you create the exact tool you need, every time. Tailored to each user. Suitable for high temperature environments. Improved ergonomic properties. All of this – all manufactured on-demand and ready when you are.

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Producing a better future for Aerospace.

3D printing is helping navigate the future of aerospace. Faster production. More durable parts. Smarter materials. Reduced costs. Together, we’re exploring new paths for the industry.

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Together we have solved the challenges that come from innovation. Working closely with partners like you, we’ve led the way to reducing lead times, cost, materials waste and improving efficiency. From more accurate prototypes to better tooling, 3D printing technology can help you to see rapid return on investment.

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